A new restaurant is always something to talk about. Rockford is soon going to be home to LimaMar, a Peruvian restaurant in downtown Rockford.

221 E. State Street used to be home to a CD store, but now it's home to this beautiful new restaurant, LimaMar.

Does anyone else remember the Popsicle commercial from the 90s where the guy said to his dog, 'the colors, Duke, the colors!'

Because that's the first thought I had when I saw these incredible photos on Instagram.

The colors aren't just in the decor. The food is insanely pretty as well.

I'm so impressed by everything I've seen and heard about LimaMar, though I've never had Peruvian food before, so I'm sure some of it will be a shock if I try it.

When is the restaurant actually opening? No exact date has been mentioned yet, but I did send them a message so I'll update this if they respond!

When the restaurant was originally announced, we were told December 2018, which we've obviously passed already, but the LimaMar's social media game has been getting stronger in the last few weeks, so I have a feeling we are super close to tasting these beautiful dishes.

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