Where the Make-A-Wish Foundation ends is where Rockford's Nikolas Ritschel Foundation begins.

When her son died six years ago, Kelli Ritschel Boehle, started a foundation to honor his dying wish. Nikolas Ritschel wished for other young people his age to have the same kind of experience he had with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Because Make-A-Wish doesn't grant wishes for young people over the age of 18, the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation was created to grant wishes for cancer patients age 18-24, according to mystateline.com.

In order for the foundation to be able to continue granting wishes and hit the milestone of '!00 Wishes Granted",  you need to get out for a night of delicious Wine, beautiful Art and great Music.

Wine, Art and Music Night is Saturday, April 14th at Prairie Street Brewhouse featuring the art of Sheila Anderson and the music of Harlan Jefferson. There will also be items up for auction. Tickets to the event are $50 which includes wine, craft beer, and food/appetizers. To register, click HERE.

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