A school district in Colorado is about to move from a 5-day school week, to 4. Once you see why, will you think this will work in Rockford.

Mopndays off never sounds like a bad idea. Mondays typically feel a bit off (Sunday Funday's fault), and nobody would turn down a longer weekend, no matter your age. Colorado's Brighton-based School District 27J, which serves 18,000 students in Brighton, Commerce City, Henderson, Thornton and Aurora announced this week that they're getting rid of Mondays. Students will no longer attend school on Mondays and neither will teachers, except for one Monday a month, according to kare11.com. The district's main reasons for making the change; are to attract more teachers and save money. And this isn't the first district in the country to move to a four-day week.

The numbers when it comes to how this would save money are big. For this district, around $700,000 would be saved just from not running the school buses on days with no classes. Building utility costs would come down significantly as well.

So what do you think. Do you think the is a sound idea for any school district? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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