With warm weather finally here, you're going to start seeing a lot more critters running around outside. Including stray cats. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is no stranger to cats or kitten season. They have SO MANY cute cats available for adoption. Here's a few -

There are so many already available for adoption not only do they want you to consider adoption, they're also asking for the community's help caring for stray cats. They're so thankful for your help, but it's time to focus on a big issue - fixing stray and feral cats.

If we don't address that issue, there will only be more and more stray kittens. If you see stray kittens around, here's what you should do -

The post details -

Kitten season is beginning early....Do not remove small kittens you see outside. Observe them for 24 hours as long as they are not in danger. Mom does not stay with the kittens but she will come back several times a day to feed them. If you want to help, livetrap mom with the babies- otherwise you are dooming her to an uncomfortable time with her full of milk and having no babies to nurse -and she will go into heat again soon, repeating the cycle of unwanted kittens. If a rescue or shelter will not take the mother with the kittens, don't deal with them! They are not reputable or doing the right thing...

So help Noah's Ark out and do your part this kitten season. And as always consider adding a new fury baby to your family.

You can adopt from or donate to Noah's Ark here.

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