The year was 2015.

A man who helps design events/things around Six Flags Great America outdid every Halloween decoration ever. You could put a million zombies in your yard and it still won't be as cool as this was.

Gunner Palmer designed a life size version of the Michael Meyer's house. And it's so large it literally had to be placed in front of the home. Look how awesome it was -

It's honestly the most impressive decorating I've ever seen. From Christmas to Halloween this house takes ALL the cakes.

Even though it's not up this year, the original poster shared the infamous post again writing -

So, this house was built by Gunner Palmer, while its not up this year, he has designed some of the SICKEST Haunted Houses around.
P.S. this has been viewed over 2M times and shared over 29k from my FB alone and in several articles.

Like I said before, Gunner does design for Six Flags so he CLEARLY knows what he's doing.

Here's to attempting to decorate your yard as cool as this one this year.

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