I guess I never really thought much about it. It might just be I've never really cared about traveling to an island in Wisconsin so I could've just been ignorant to the whole thing.

However, things changed when I ran across this Thrillist post. It was titled the "16 Best Islands In America For A Summer Vacation This Year."

While scrolling through I thought I'd see the usual suspects in the post. You know, coastal islands on both sides of the U.S. would be well represented. Of course, I was right, but there was an island located in Wisconsin, yes, Wisconsin that had me like, "huh?"

Did you know the apparently gorgeous looking Apostle Islands in Wisconsin is one of the best islands in America for a summer vacation?

Well, it is. Two dozen islands on Lake Superior make up the Apostle Islands. Thrillist says "You can take a cruise around the whole lot of ’em, or charter a boat yourself if you are so bold."

The post also mentions the islands aren't only for summer vacations either, "in the winter you can scope intricate frozen waterfalls within the sea caves in a number of spots."

Summer or winter, a trip to the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin sounds awesome.

A trip to Bayfield County, where the Apostle Islands is closest, is nearly 400 miles away from Rockford. A seven hour and fifteen-minute roads according to Google Maps.

Who's up for a road cruise?

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