Has there ever been a time when you felt unsafe doing some of the things you might have done ten or twenty years ago without giving it a second thought?

For me, it's going to the movies. Ever since the Aurora movie theater shooting in Colorado back in 2012, I get a little uneasy sitting through Hollywood blockbusters.

Malls make me a little nervous too; but that's just the world we live in. Theaters, malls, schools, night clubs and concerts are now major targets for terrorist attacks and mass shootings. It feels as if nothing is safe anymore.

The organizers of OSD are fully aware of this, and in response to recent violence across the country, most notably the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, they're going to do something about it- increasing security for this years festivities.

According to WIFR , "Some of the new measures that you're going to see this year will be specific to the front gate where you're gonna have metal detectors introduced this year with inspections."

There will also be a heavier police presence, a new command post for the Rockton police and cameras to monitor the crowd.

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