Congratulations going out to the new 97ZOK Teacher of the Week.

Mrs. Alberstett from Thurgood Marshall Middle School took home the honors this week.

Mrs. Alberstett's winning nomination came in from one of her students, Sarah Battaglia:

Sarah writes:

She came into the school as a replacement teacher after our last teacher left for Belgium. She came in and immediately made us more comfortable in the learning environment. She relates to our situations, weather they are good or bad, and finds a way to make the classroom fun every day.

She also knows how important family time is, and gives us at least 20 minutes to do our homework in class.  Mrs. A makes homework so easy, by going over it with us and explaining in detail what to do.  She has overcome so much by joining our school last minute and not knowing everyone, and now she is like a mother figure for all of us. She deserves this so much!

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