Congratulations to 97ZOK's brand new Teacher of the Week.

Mrs. Kincaide from Machesney Elementary took home the honors with goodies from Broadway Florist, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Oriental Trading Company.

The winning nomination came in from her student, Meredith Withington, Meredith writes:

This teacher is the best, she will bend backwards for us at school and at home.
Mrs. Kincaide is like no other teacher in the history of the sixth grade. She throws parties for us, helps so much and even comes to our sports!!! We can talk to her when we need help mentally and with school work and she listens. She then will help us and we feel better! In my classes’ book, she is the best and I am going to keep nominating until she is teacher of the week and then why not, keep nominating after that?

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