No surprise here. As COVID-19 cases surge, even after vaccinations are readily available for everyone, some businesses and venues have begun making changes. These changes are much like many of us experienced in 2020. What is surprising is the response to this particle piece of information on social media.


Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison, is one of my kids and my favorite places, the "free" part is particularly pleasing. Also, parking is free too; double win. If you've never visited this zoo you are likely to find at least one animal you like because it is the home of more than 650 animals from all over the world.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Like the pandemic-related 2020 changes, Henry Vilas Zoo is taking two steps backward with safety in mind. The zoo will be closing indoor spaces and requesting all guests 5+ to wear masks, covering their nose and mouth appropriately, at a few of their attractions and high traffic areas.

Effectively immediately, we will closing the indoor public spaces to the Primate Building and Herpetarium, and our Aviary will remain closed. We know that many of our guests have enjoyed these spaces over the last few months but unfortunately we need to adjust our operations to protect zoo goers (especially those under 12 years old), staff and animals from the latest COVID-19 resurgence. Dane County’s Henry Vilas Zoo will now require masks for guests 5 and older in our carousel building, Glacier Grille, gift shop and bathrooms, so be sure to bring your face covering with you on your next Zoo visit.

The announcement, made on Facebook, resulted in mainly positive comments.

Everything you need to know about Henry Vilas Zoo can be found here.

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