If you've ever driven down East Riverside Boulevard, you have probably seen all the local eateries from Buddy's Burgers, to Pho Square, to The Pomodoro, or even AERO Ale House.

One local restaurant, Rock-Pho'd, announced their chef, Souky, was in a car accident on Friday, April 7th and they had to close shop for a while until he recovered.

"Thank you all so much for your support! Chef Souky is resting and recovering, so we thank you all for being patient with us. He is eager to return to serving all you wonderful people." [ Rock-Phod]


Rock-Pho'd - FB
Rock-Pho'd - FB

Illinois Restaurant Reopens After Chef's Recovery From Car Accident

Rock-Pho'd announced to the public that they were back open for business on Tuesday, April 11th. Yay!

Fortunately, Chef Souky made a pretty fast recovery after a doctor's visit and some well-needed rest from the car accident.

Rock-Pho'd - FB
Rock-Pho'd - FB

Whenever I see Rock-Pho'd closed due to maintenance or family emergencies, customers always rush to the comments to send their love and thoughts.  That's what I love about this community!

"Sending healing thoughts and love to Souky, family and care staff" - Sara H.

"Please take all the time you need. We will all be here when you recover." - Kimberly S.

"Thinking of you guys! Let us know if you need anything!" - The Pomodoro

I like to call myself a frequent flyer over at Rock-Pho'd.

Their Thai Tea with cream and sweet sausage are my absolute favorites on the menu, other than their Drunken Noodles.

If you're ever on that side of town, make sure to stop in and support all the local businesses and pay a visit to Rock-Pho'd for some delicious, authentic Asian cuisine.

We're glad to see they're back open and thriving like always!  Rock-Pho'd is located at 6551 East Riverside blvd, Loves ParkThey're open Tuesday-Sunday 11-2:30pm, 5-8:30pm.

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