Well, to be totally accurate, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is the one saying "make an appointment," not the actual driver service facility building on East State Street.

A talking building would just make things weird.

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The Chicago Area Has Been Doing Appointments, Now It's "Downstate" Illinois' Turn

As much as I'm tempted, I'm not going to spend a couple of paragraphs complaining about how Rockford (which is North and West of Chicago) is called "downstate." I'd love to, but for now I'll just let it go. Even though it's stupid.

I don't think the plan is to do this forever, but for now at least, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says that throughout the next few months, many larger downstate and central Illinois Driver Services facilities will require appointments for behind-the-wheel road tests, REAL IDs, standard driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Vehicle services, such as renewing a license plate sticker or applying for a vehicle title, do not require an appointment.

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This Is All Part Of The Effort To Cut Down On Big Lines And Long Waits

You may be saying that big lines and long waits are part of the overall fun experience of visiting an Illinois Drivers Facility, and except for the "overall fun experience" part, you'd be right.

However, some people are being spared from having to make an appointment with the Secretary of State's office. Secretary White emphasized that seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities and expectant mothers will be served as walk-ins at all of the designated appointment facilities. They also have the option to make an appointment.

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office also points out that many small, rural facilities will not require the appointment system because they do not experience the heavy customer volume that large facilities encounter. These facilities will all remain accessible to walk-in customers.

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