Anyone who's ever faced financial hardship knows how difficult it can be to not only raise and take care of a family, it's just has hard to take care of your furry family- your pets.

No one ever wants to have to make the decision on where the money you do have goes and who gets what; do you pay your phone bill or feed your family?

When times do get "ruff" like this, there are organizations like Kibble Korner in Rockford, that are here to help you keep and feed your pets; but there are times when they are the ones in need. Like right now.

According to WREX, Kibble Korner is almost out of dog food and they're asking the loving community of Rockford for help.

If you'd like to make a donation, please see the above Facebook post from Kibble Korner; there are over a dozen drop off locations.

One simple suggestion from the pantry- please bring bags that are less than 40 pounds. Many of their customers are senior citizens and the bags can be too heavy for them to lift.

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