We have plenty of awesome police officers in Rockford, but one of them tends to shine above the rest for his community involvement, and well, dancing skills.

Officer Eric Thurmond is that police officer.

We first talked about him on 97ZOK early in 2018 as the dancing cop, and while his dance moves are pretty great, there's so much more to Officer Thurmond's community efforts.

Which, of course, is why he was chosen to receive an incredible award in San Diego last week!

Officer Thurmond accepted the 2019 Community Advocate Award from the Veterans Rideshare program last week and was awarded $1,000, which of course he says he will be using to give back to the community.

I have no doubt that the award money will go to good use. If you follow Officer Thurmond on Instagram or Facebook you know that he is part of the Rock House program and spends the bulk of his time with young Rockford residents who need some extra love and care.

He is always planning and participating in events to enrich the lives of these young residents, and more often than not he's driving around with toys and games in the back of his police car, always ready to a fun afternoon with local kids.

Congratulations Officer Thurmond!

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