This is not the first time we've featured Rockford Police Officer Eric Thurmond. Now, the entire country is feeling his positive energy.

Officer Thurmond's work with the department is extraordinary, and he a major part of the reason crime is on the decrees in one of Rockford's most dangerous and crime-ridden areas. Eric is one of two Rockford Police Officers who are part of the ROCK House program. These officers live in homes right in the middle of a high-crime area.

Even as this program was being announced, and before Thurmond moved into his home, the drug house across the street was gone. The community knew things were going to continue to get better, and that's exactly what has happened.

Eric Thurmond's special dedication to all people and his work were recently featured by, Power of Positivity, a news and media company out of North Carolina. Below, is the video they recently shared on their Facebook page, that was filmed by Rockford's Our City Our Story.

The video above has over two million views. That's the kind of great press Rockford could always benefit from.

Thank you for your service to our city Officer Eric Thurmond.

Here is the original Our City Our Story video.

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