GrantView Distillery will be donating its product to first-responders in Rockford to help with the COVID-19 outbreak.

It's easy to get bogged down and stressed out by our current COVID-19 pandemic situation, so it's nice to see so many stories popping up each day about good people doing good things.

Case in point: GrantView Distillery here in Rockford. From their website:

2019 was a good year for us. We launched 4 new Spirits into the marketplace and earned a coveted place on the shelf of may restaurants and individuals and we learned a lot from our loyal customers.

2020 has stated out with us suspending all spirit production to make Hand Sanitizer to help those on the front lines in this current battle against an invisible foe. See our “COVID-19” page for updates.

To the medical professionals, firefighters, policemen, and all those on the front lines, you have our absolute support. GrantView Distillery is proud to be part of a community effort to bring hand sanitizing agent to those of you in this fight against an invisible foe.

While we are the ones producing the hand sanitizer, it is really a community effort. Donated grain, sugar, beer, containers, chemicals and time have all made this sanitizer possible.

GrantView Distillery, Facebook
GrantView Distillery, Facebook

All the hand sanitizer we produce is donated to those on the front lines of this battle. We are producing sanitizer as fast as we can with our limited equipment. We will have larger batches coming soon thanks to donated sugar and re-purposing of some of our water storage tanks. This will allow us to bring our second and larger still into the fight within the next few days.

For those looking to support the effort, we are not accepting cash donations. The best way to support us is by buying some of our spirits at your nearest retailer. It is a win, win, win, and win. It supports us, our distributor, the retailer and you get a great spirit in these trying times.


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