Thank you to a pair of Rockford's finest for showing how the even/odd parking this works. But we're confused about one part.

While this video is very helpful for those that can't wrap their brain around what to do in the event Even/Odd Parking goes into effect during a snow emergency, it leaves out an answer I've been looking for. First, watch this short video.

Here's my question for those officers, or you,:

It's late at night, you've already parked your car for the night. It's an even numbered day on the calendar and you are parked on the even addressed side of the street. It starts to snow around 9:30 p.m. like crazy and the plows now have to hit every road starting very early the next morning... an odd numbered day. You're still in bed but your car is still on the even addressed side of the road. Will you be plowed in AND ticketed or just a poor sap who has to shovel your car out to get to work?

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