After waiting an entire year for the Shamrock Shake to return to McDonald's menus across Illinois, the official date has been revealed.

In all my 25 years being on this Earth, I haven't gone a single year without ordering a Shamrock Shake from McDonald's.

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Some people say it's too minty, too sweet, or that it's an acquired taste.  I get it, but I'll down a Shamrock Shake in 3 seconds like my life depended on it lol.

Not only is the regular Holiday shake returning, it's bringing along a little friend, Oreo Shamrock McFlurry!  Two of my favorite flavors combined into one delicious, sweet treat. YUM!

"You heard it here first: starting Feb. 20, the legendary Shamrock Shake® and new fan-favorite OREO® Shamrock McFlurry® are making their much-anticipated return to U.S. menus." [McDonald's]


Shamrock Shakes Return To Illinois McDonald's Menus

On Monday, February 20th, the exclusive Holiday shake will return to participating McDonald's locations across the country, including Illinois.

If you're the type who doesn't like to wait in a drive-thru line, keep checking all your mobile delivery apps like Doordash or GrubHub when the shake gets added!

Erik Mclean
Erik Mclean

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Keep an eye out for other fast-food chains to add Shamrock shakes to their menus, too.  Arby's, Portillo's, and local coffee shops are always great places to check - they all have their own spin on the Saint Patrick's Day inspired drink!

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