Santa visits look VERY different this year. Whether Santa is chilling behind some plexiglass, or up on his porch behind a railing, kids definitely aren't jumping up onto Santa's lap this year. But, like everybody else this year, Santa is making it work.

GoRockford and Stroll on State know how important it is for kids to get their visit in with Santa before Christmas, so they're bringing Santa to you! Well, kind of.

How awesome is that? So the first ride around town with Santa happened this past Saturday and kids all over Rockford got the chance to say hi to the big man. He ditched his sleigh for a firetruck, and drove around spreading some holiday cheer.

I can't even imagine how excited I'd be to see Santa pulling up to my neighborhood in that firetruck. And of course Santa is following all the same rules the rest of us have to follow. He's got his mask on, and if you and your family plan on seeing Santa on his route, you should be sure to mask up as well.

If you've been missing all the holiday joy that comes with Stroll on State, you're not alone. But even though the event didn't go down like it has in past years, GoRockford is still making sure the 815 is FILLED with fun and joy. Just check out how much work they've been putting in work behind the scenes to make this year the best it can be.

2020 is weird, but this holiday season in Rockford is still filled with a lot good.

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