Congratulations to Mrs. Kim Jirak from Maud E. Johnson Elementary in Rockford. She is our newest Teacher Of The Week.

Mrs. Jirak grabs the honor along with goodies from Broadway Florist, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Oriental Trading Company.

The winning nomination came from mom and daughter, Kristin & Yasmine Legbouri, they write:

Mrs. Jirak is so nice & makes learning fun for her students. She is proof that the teacher makes a big difference in the student’s attitude toward school.
In preschool last year, my Daughter did not enjoy school & said her teacher was "scary" often correcting her and telling her things she did wrong. I'd often hear what my Daughter could NOT do instead of what she could do. It is the opposite this year with Mrs Jirak. She focuses on what the student CAN do and if there are any areas the student is struggling in, she says your child will improve in time, by being around other children, learning from them, seeing them do things for themselves. Her positive, can-do attitude is wonderful! And Mrs. Jirak is such a good teacher!
My Daughter knows all 12 months of the year, can count by 10's and 5's, her handwriting and social skills have greatly improved. Another thing I love about Mrs Jirak is she is so down to earth but straight forward and easy to talk to.
I want my Daughter to have a teacher like Mrs Jirak every year of school. There is not enough time in the day or enough words for us to express how amazing this woman is! She should most definitely be recognized. Thank You for your time.

This was one of my most favorite Teacher Of The Week deliveries. I was quickly shuffled into the principal's office upon arrival. That's where I learned that I will be surprising Mrs. Jirak during her and her kindergartner's daily cheer outside the main office. I put the cake and flowers on a pushcart and ran out, during the cheer, and circled Mrs. Jirak a few times before presenting her with her gifts.

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