Isn't it the most beautiful thin when you meet someone and you can tell they're doing what they were put on this earth to do? That's what it felt like to call our new Teacher of The Week.

I just want to highlight some of the incredible words and phrases used in this week's Teacher of The Week nomination letter.


"She has always bent over backwards for her students"

"Classroom environment is engaging and is individualized to meet every student’s needs"

"Focuses on working with the student and the student’s family"

Our new Teacher of The Week is doing incredible work.

Congratulations to special education teacher Lorrie Hill from Eisenhower Middle School! She was nominated by former coworker David Mouri and the nomination letter reads -

Lorrie is a very Special Teacher. She has always bent over backwards for her students. She is special education teacher working with students that have cognitive and physical disabilities as well as social emotional behaviors. Lorrie focuses on working with the student and the student’s family. She has a classroom that is well organized, and is consistent when it comes to discipline, and teaching specific skills like communication for example There are many students that are not able to communicate because of their disability. Lorrie makes sure that the child has every opportunity to learn to communicate and because of those efforts students have displayed more appropriate behaviors simply because they can tell a person what they need or want. Her classroom environment is engaging and is individualized to meet every student’s needs. Her class not only works on academics, but also works on learning Life Skills. She gives her students opportunities to cook, learn how to do laundry, and even do jobs around the school. They have a coffee cart that goes around to staff to purchases a fresh hot cup of coffee. Her students learn social skills to interact with each other and others they meet in the community.  Lorrie works with her Paraprofessionals as a ""Team"". She is quick to use their talents and that is reflected in the classroom environment. Her students show progress not only academically but emotionally. The Speech Therapist for the building has said ""The students are thriving in Lorrie's classroom. Sometimes I go back to my office and cry tears of joy caused by what I saw going on with her students.""  Special Education Teachers are very ""Special"" and Lorrie is extra special.

I had the privilege to teach alongside her for 4 years when she and I were teaching at Wilson ASPIRE School. I learned a lot from her as i watched her interact with her students and paraprofessional. She really does deserve to recognize as a Teacher Of The Week.

Lorrie, thank you. You're clearly doing exactly what you were meant to do in this life. We got to celebrate Lorrie by dropping off a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist.


Thanks again Lorrie!

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