Congratulations going out to the new 97ZOK Teacher of the Week.

Miss Scarpetta from Ledgewood Elementary School took home the honors this week.

Scarpetta's winning nomination came in from a mother of a student in her class:

Miss Scarpetta is an outstanding teacher.  My older son had the privilege of having her for first grade and now my younger son, Carter is in her classroom.  She goes above and beyond expectations with keeping parents involved and aware of what they are working on in the classroom.

We love to see the pictures she adds to the class Facebook website.  As a family we can talk about the event or the activity.  She also utilizes the Remind app to help keep busy families on track with upcoming events and forms that need to be turned in.  Miss Scarpetta gets to know each child and helps to make school a fun place to go.

My younger son has not enjoyed going to school until this year.  You might think he’s only in first grade, but he’s been going to school since he was 3 years old.  He recently said, “Thursdays are my favorite day at school.”  The fact that he said “favorite day at school” is huge!  I know that he started to like going to school a little bit last year, but he never spoke positively about it.  We have been really working at looking at the positive side of situations and for him to independently say something positive about school was huge!  It’s hard for me to put into words how much it means to me.

My son Carter has struggled with communicating and I think that’s a factor with him not enjoying school in the past.  I’m sure part of it is his personality.  He may not “click” with every teacher, but he definitely “clicks” with Miss Scarpetta.   He gets up and gets ready and there is no complaining about going to school every morning.  He likes that he is being challenged and learning how to become a better reader.   What a change!

Miss Scarpetta has excellent classroom management skills that help all students learn and succeed.  I appreciate everything she is doing and has done in the past to help my boys.

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