Congratulations to the brand new 97ZOK Teacher of the Week.

Taking the honor this week is Mr. Davis from Stillman Valley High School.

Davis was nominated by Irene Knarr. She says:

Mr. Davis is one of those teachers that you get and you can talk to him about anything no matter what the situation is. He also lets kids learn hands on and build things with their hands and it make the feel accomplished. He does not bat an eye at any Challenges that come his way. 

Also, he does things for the community by building picnic tables and we even build a ticket booth for the football games. He also allows you to make all projects that you might want to build and help make the cost affordable for you. He does hands on learning with the tools one on one with every student to make sure they are safe and able to operate all of the machines.

Not only does he make the learning one on one but he makes it so you are not saved to use the equipment and conquer your fears. But if you are scared he will kindly help you.

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