Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Bartel from Rockford Christian Elementary.

Mrs. Bartel scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Mary Sunday and her daughter Brooke. They write:

Mrs. Bartel had my daughter Brooke and two other students out sick in one week. She had the class make gets well cards, purchased them all a get well balloon and drove everything including their homework from that week to each student. She truly made my daughter feel better knowing that her teacher cared that much to drive that out of her way to cheer her up.

Why I love my teacher by Brooke Sunday (4th grade class)...
1. My teacher is so kind she gives people more chances. (mostly on homework)
2. She helps me understand things better in all subjects.
3. She just loves all of my class-mates including me by being so nice to us.
3. We all can tell that she loves what she is doing she makes every subject so much fun to learn!
4. What my class loves the most about her is that she gives CANDY when we behave!!!!!!!"

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