Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Ms. Hakanson from Harlem Middle School. 

Ms. Hakanson was rewarded with beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugarjones.

The winning nomination came from Jenna Lane. Jenna writes:

Ms. Hakanson is an 8th grade teacher at Harlem Middle School. She takes a different approach to teaching than that of our other teachers. She makes it a point to try and get to know her students outside their knowledge of science. In addition to this she starts class conversations on current events or topics on students minds which definitely is helpful in this day in age with all the fake news out there.  When it comes to teaching science, many of her lessons are hands on and show why something happens, not just that it does. This is very important, especially in physics and helps kids that don't learn as well out of a book to understand what's being taught. Her class makes it very easy to learn the material and apply it in real life situations.

Although Ms. Hakanson is an amazing teacher, the real reason we want her to win is that this would be a pick-me-up. Over the last couple of weeks our fellow students have been downright nasty to her and have been taking advantage of her kindness. She is so discouraged by this that some kids have said that she is depressed over the whole situation. A group of fellow classmates and I are pretty upset over the whole situation and are attempting to do something nice for her.

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