it is no secret that inflammation is happening everywhere. The most talked-about form is easily gas prices. The other day I came across a Facebook memory complaining about the cost of gas being $3.67 a gallon. How great would it be if prices were that cheap today? But, it isn't just gas that's crushing the average person's bank account.

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Grocery prices are getting ridiculous too if they're even on the shelves. If you buy milk you know for a fact the price has increased quite a bit. The same goes for most dairy products. Another category that has increased is meats and poultry, it's almost painful. However, out of those items, none of them have gone up the most this year. It's actually eggs! You can read more about it here.

Is there a solution?

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Last week I was talking to some friends about which farmers to buy from and, perhaps more importantly, where to find them. Occasionally I might spot a sign for a farmer's market or a fruit/vegetable stand but what about those moments when I'm sitting on my couch putting together a grocery list?

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Coincidentally, I was distracted by Facebook when writing out a grocery list. Ordinarily, this can be a bad thing but within a few scrolls, I hit the farmers' list jackpot. I found an app that can benefit consumers, farmers, and people with produce stands. Getting the word out will help all of us in Illinois buy shopping as local as we can get.

This app is called Farmish and it's very easy to navigate. Once your location is turned on you can search your exact area or anywhere you wish. As you will see below, there aren't a lot of options currently listed on the app however I did find fresh eggs that cost less than some of the grocery stores in Northern Illinois. There are also listings for meats, poultry, and produce.

Farmish App via iPhone
Farmish App via iPhone

You can download Farmish to your device here.

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