The Better Business Bureau is warning people of a new scam going around. This time it's about hospitals and it's happening through text message. If you get a text message from someone saying they are from a hospital, it is a scam.

Basically what happens is you get a text saying someone in your family or someone you know is in the hospital. WREX details -

“The scammers are working on the fear factor,” BBB Rockford Regional Office Director Dennis Horton said. “And if they can get somebody who is concerned and not thinking quickly and wanting to do something, then they win. The BBB says hospitals, clinics or doctors offices will never text you to say that a family member is being treated, adding that if you get a text, you should delete it.

The Better Business Bureau says family emergency scams have been around for a while. However, the scam used to come in the form of calls. Now, it's coming in the form of text messages. Beware of shady messages. If it seems sketchy, it's probably a scam.

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