Cronies Grill in Machesney Park was a beloved location for many music enthusiasts in the Stateline area, and when it closed in 2019 following a fatal shooting, many residents were not happy.

Now that the news has broken that a new bar and grill will be opening in the former Cronies' location, you would think residents would be rejoicing, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

What's Opening In the Former Cronies Location in Machesney Park?

According to the Rockford Register Star;

 The former Cronies Grill has new owners who plan to reopen the bar and restaurant under a new name.

Village Board members on July 19 approved a liquor license for the bar at 9032 N. Second St., one of the first steps in the reopening process.

The new establishment is to be called the Mill Bar and Grill.

The RRStar article also says the Mill Bar and Grill owners plan to create "a completely different concept" for the building with a higher focus making it a family-friendly atmosphere.

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Some Machesney Park Residents Are Not Stoked About the Announcement

When looking at the Facebook comments on Rockford Register Star's article, it is safe to say some locals are not feeling very optimistic about the future of the Mill Bar and Grill...

Jeffandsonja A Bushnick said; "Nothing lasts in that building.... it's like it's cursed".

Clarissa Wheeler said; "Yay. Another bar!"

Timmy Harp said; "will they'll be any shooting for a side show?"

Not all comments were negative though, some residents are truly happy the cool building won't sit vacant for years to come.

Aaron Larson said; "As someone who lives in the nearby neighborhood, I'm glad it's being reopened into something new (and hopefully successful)."

Esther Nunez said; "Hear it is going to be a family restaurant. Looking forward to the opening! We NEED more family affordable restaurants!!!!"

Rockford Register Star's article also says the Mill Bar and Grill owners plan to make major renovations to the building, and I for one, can't wait to see them!


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