Florida gets all the headlines but Wisconsin can hold its own when it comes to weirdness.

It's no secret that Wisconsin likes to drink. I get it. There's not much to do up there, especially in the winter. Idle hands are the devil's tool, so finding solace with a group of friends at a local watering hole makes sense. They are good at it too. Anyone that has spent a weekend north of the stateline with native cheese heads knows that it literally is just different up there. You might be able to hold your own in the Land of Lincoln but don't try to keep up with a Wisconsinite, you'll end up under the table.

How do they get so good at it? Like any good athlete that regularly goes to the gym, they have plenty of drinking gyms dotting the state called bars. They're a specific type of bar, my favorite actually. There might be 3 beers on draft, sometimes just 2, sometimes none at all. Liquor prices will be written directly on the bottle. Food options include: beef jerky, bags of potato chips, pickled "something", and if you're lucky there will be a frozen pizza oven behind the bar for some of the best pizza you've had.

One of these:


In other words; heaven.

There are a LOT of these bars dotting Wisconsin. This map doesn't give an exact number, but if does show the relationship of bars to grocery stores in a region and Wisconsin is noticeably a different color.

attachment-Bar map

Just a preposterous outline of the Dairy State right there. The fact that they had to adjust their color scale to accommodate their drinking prowess is pretty impressive actually. Outliers like you read about.

So What About The Kangaroos?

Glad you asked.

Courtesy of the Twitter account @TerribleMaps (great account, give them a follow) comes this map of where it's legal to own a kangaroo.

attachment-Kangaroo Map

As you can see, it's just flat out illegal to own a kangaroo in 37 of the 50 states, even Florida. Ten states, including Illinois, allow kangaroo ownership with a permit. But three states, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and South Carolina, all allow you to have one without the dang gub'mint getting in the way.

Heavy drinking and kangaroos, what could possibly go wrong? Keep being weird Wisconsin, it makes you fun to visit.

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