Just tell your kids to give you some candy because you need to, "try something."

Halloween is a special time of year. You work on costumes for months, plan parties, go trick-or-treating and then it's all over and you're left with a bunch of candy.

And while I love candy so much, let's be real here, sometimes just tossing back Kit Kat after Kit Kat doesn't cut it.

Your mouth gets flavor bored.

So whether you're overloaded with candy because no one came to trick-or-treat, or because you don't want your kid to eat it all, here's a new way to enjoy it. With wine.

And I'm not just talking dark chocolate and wine, because we all know that's a thing. I'm talking Nerds, Skittles, Lemon drops and jelly beans... with wine.

Michelle, Townsquare Media
Michelle, Townsquare Media

I went to a Traveling Vineyards wine party Friday night that was all about pairing wine with Halloween candy.

Stacey instructed all of us on what wines to drink with what candy, and I'm telling you,  it was incredible.

Three suggestions she had were pairing Riesling with Starburst, Pinotage with Reese's PB cups and Cabernet Sauvignon with Junior Mints.

We also tried white wine with the aforementioned Nerds, Skittles, Lemon drops and jelly beans.

But, my favorite was pairing any red with chocolate covered espresso beans.

Though you probably won't find those in your kids' candy bags.

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