If it's too good to be true it probably is. Much like this Facebook post circulating through my newsfeed last night. If you want to know if the "special" is legitimate, download the restaurant's app. If the app does not have the same special listed it is most likely fake. There may be a silver lining though, most restaurant apps have decent perks, freebies, and coupons. The "too good to be true" deal from "Little Caesar's hitting Facebook last night is way too good to be true. It will be evident when I reveal two things that caught my eye related to this amazing special.

Here's the "deal."

Celebrating our 61st Birthday, We here at Little Caesars are giving Everyone who shares and also comments by 4 PM Monday - 3 Large Pizza FREE - We Will Inbox Your Coupon - Little Caesars Inc.

Looking more into this post shared last night, Little Caesar's is indeed a 61-year-old company (according to Wikipedia) but the anniversary would actually be in May. They'd be a little late on the party date. I also noticed something on the Facebook page, they only have 18,000+ fans. That seems like a low number for a nationwide chain in a world where most people will click like on just about anything. Also, what's up with the business's name on the account?

LittIe Caesars's

Wait, what? LIttle Caesars-ssss? Are you starting to notice the red flags? This is 1,000% fake.

The actual Little Caesars Facebook account has almost 4.5 million fans and does not have anything close to a special involving three free large pizzas because of some anniversary.

Always, read what you're about to share and always check the facts.

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