Whether you love them or hate them, staying at a bed & breakfast is a unique experience. You will always meet interesting new people when you stay at a B&B, but usually, they are living and breathing...that is NOT the case at this haunted B&B in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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History of the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

People often say that the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast is home to one of Wisconsin's scariest ghost stories, (something about a tub with blood in it when no one staying in the room 😨), but before we get to the scary stuff, how's about I give you a little history of the place.

How It Began

The Brumder Mansion was built by a German immigrant named George Brumder who moved to Milwaukee in 1857 and quickly amassed immense wealth and an affluent reputation. In 1910 he decided to use all his newfound money to build his son, George Brumder Jr. a home of his own which then became known as The Brumder Mansion.

When Things Started Getting Weird at the Brumder Mansion

After George Brumder Jr.'s wife died, brothers, Sam and Ed Pick, purchased the home in 1927, and then things got a little weird. ParanormalMilwaukee.com says;

The Pick brothers had a reputation that preceded them. The brothers were both alleged to have ties to Al Capone and were involved in the illegal trade of alcohol during prohibition years.

The strangely placed ballroom within the basement of the home with it’s separate entrance made the perfect place for a speakeasy.

Rumor has the Brumder Mansion speakeasy was also home to a lot of gambling and prostitution, and that is where its haunted beginnings began.

Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Theatre via Facebook
Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Theatre via Facebook

The Haunts of Brumder Mansion

The Brumder Mansion was officially renovated into a B&B after being purchased by Carol and Robert Hirsch in 1997, and it's still operating today. Many paranormal experts say Brumder Mansion has 3 very distinct spirits living within its walls, but many also say there are far more than that. A lot of the haunts center around one of the rooms called, The Gold Suite. ParanormalMilwaukee.com says;

While Mrs. Hirsch owned the Brumder Mansion she had various experiences with a female entity in the Gold Suite. One night while staying in the Gold Suite with her dog she heard a voice shout at her telling her to get the dog out of the bed. She also has said that the mirror in the bathroom of the same room lifted off of its hook and was thrown into the bathtub when no one was around, shattering it [19] and once discovered droplets of fresh blood in the tub basin when no one was staying in the room.


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Another spirit hotspot in the mansion is the room called "George's Suite", and guests have also reported seeing the spirit of a child roaming the hallways and rooms.

Think you're brave enough to spend a night at the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Theatre? Better book your stay there now by clicking here.

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