About a month ago, when I went public with my Body Dysmorphia Disorder diagnosis, a friend of mine, Tina Jacobs, reached out to me to learn more.

She was concerned, but also intrigued because what I experience on an average day, when it comes to my self image, sounded a lot like what other women in her life were experiencing.

We got together and talked about it more in depth; and from our discussion came an idea to empower every woman in Rockford by coming together and promoting self love and body positivity.

I loved the idea and knew that we needed one more person to help us carry out our mission; a woman who is already making a difference in women's lives by carrying out her own "monthly makeover" campaign for deserving women in Rockford, Annetta Michelle.  I reached out to her immediately and asked her if she'd like to join us and without hesitation she said "yes."

It was not even a week before the three of us met up to put together a plan. Keep in mind, I had only met Tina one time before this and neither of us had met Annetta, so we had no idea what to expect.  Long story short, we hit it off and just like that, the three most unlikely of friends were instantly best friends.

Now, the three of us are on a mission to unite every woman in Rockford over the one thing we all have in common- we all need to love ourselves a little more.

To do this, we're launching #RockYourBodyRockford, a movement that's all about self love and body positivity; and we'd like you to participate. Here's what we're asking of you if you'd love to join us:

  1. Post a photo of yourself on Facebook everyday during the month of November.
  2. With the photo, we'd like you to say something positive about yourself. For example, "I love my smile," or "I look really fit."
  3. Include the hashtag #rockyourbodyrockford so we can find you on social media.

That's it. But, here's where it gets fun and interesting. The more you post the better your chances of getting a complete makeover by Annetta Michelle. Every photo counts as an entry that could get you a day of pampering by Annetta and her team.

With the makeover you'll get:

  1. Makeup by Annetta Michelle Makeup and Beauty
  2. Hair by Kristen Licari
  3. Wardrobe by abrboutique.com
  4. Photographs by Kristen Kerner Photography
  5. Hors d'oeuvres and champagne from Franchesco's Ristorante

The entire day, fit for a queen, will start with champagne and hors d'oeuvres, a makeover, hair cut and style, new outfit and the day will be captured by a professional photographer along with your own personality glamour photoshoot at the end.

You can start posting photos right away, too. So don't wait and definitely don't hesitate to share your photos because the idea is for you to start loving yourself, just as everyone else around you loves you.

Let's start seeing ourselves the way our boyfriends, husbands, kids and loved ones see us- as strong, beautiful, cute, sexy, and perfectly imperfect.

Meet some of the women who are helping us launch this very special movement.



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