Here's the list of what toys are the hottest sellers this Christmas. Tried, tested, loved and linked to buy right now before you can't find them anywhere.

You know all the things your kids love better than anybody. But no matter where you think that knowledge will take you, there's almost nothing better than giving your child the toy 'everybody wants' for Christmas. The experts at CNET put together a Holiday Gift Guide and I went straight to the 'help me be the coolest gift-giving dad on the planet' section. These are the hottest toys for your "Age 3 and up."

The 5 Hottest Christmas Toys for 2019 (according to

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If you're little peanut loves opening LOL Surprise dolls, this gift is perfect. There are 14 dolls and 70 other surprises.

The batmobile transforms into battle mode and even has a projectile launcher.

If you have a little girl, if it says Frozen it, you can't miss.

This adorable elephant will interact with your child. It can even be tough to 'eat' that peanut and throw it.

The newest Paw Patrol vehicle and command center. Both were featured in Paw Patrol's recent visit to Rockford.

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