The city of Chicago is truly something else.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, it was kind of intimidating going into the city. It's full of giant buildings, rushing traffic, loud noises, and apparently savage squirrels.

I've seen some crazy things happen in Chicago. I've also seen countless videos online of things that go down in the city that seem like something out of a movie. This video is one of those videos.

Have you ever waited all day for a package just to get home and see it's not on your front porch like you expected? Usually it's because of a shipping delay. For one Chicago resident, it was because of a squirrel. UPI details -

Noemi Gutierrez said she was on her front porch with her family in Avondale when they spotted a squirrel approaching an Amazon package that had just been dropped off to a building across the street.

So obviously they took out their phone to video tape the wild life heist.

SAVAGE. Do you think the package had packing peanuts in it?

The woman who video taped the incident apparently had a package of tortillas go missing in March that she had delivered. She suspects the same squirrel is to blame for both incidents.

I love the caption on the YouTube video. If you didn't know the context of the video you might think it was some serious crime caught on tape -

The theft, caught on video by Noemi Gutierrez's family, happened around 5 p.m. March 21 in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.
So next time your package is missing, check the local bushes!

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