Kids will be kids, dogs will be dogs.

Ring cameras are the greatest gift to the internet EVER. Not only do these at-home cameras help prevent crime and break-ins, they also catch some HILARIOUS footage.

A lot of people have heard of Ring doorbells which capture what's happening outside of your house. But you can actually get Ring cameras for inside as well. If you spend time away from your house, you might like to check in with what's happening while you're gone. I know this is the case for a lot of people with pets.

Your pet is an angel when you're home, but when you leave - party starts. That's why these Ring cameras are really helpful and sometimes really hilarious. That's exactly what happened to a family in Plainfield, IL. The family's exact quote sums the whole video up pretty well. They describe their dog as ...

"Theo is an 11-month-old goldie boy who likes to get into trouble."

So what kind of trouble you may ask? Well, you probably think to move things off of tables and counters when you leave your dog alone. But what about that giant mirror in the room? It sits on the ground, it's really heavy, so it's probably fine right? Wrong.

Check out what happened when Theo got a little too close to the mirror.

Talk about a close call! You can tell how confused he is with what he's just done. And the other dog is immediately checking if anyone saw. All I know is I'm glad neither of the dogs got hurt.

Time to secure that decorative mirror!

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