This has been an exceptionally tough week for the city of Rockford. It seems like when the temperature goes up, so do the calls to police for accidents, fires and shootings.

There have already been four shootings this week, two of which were fatal; with one being an innocent 12-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle. When will it stop?

It shouldn't come to anyone's surprise that WREX released a report stating that Rockford's population dropped again in 2016, making it now the 4th largest city in Illinois. Between cash strapped schools and concerns over the uptick in violence, Rockfordians are in search of something more stable, secure and safe.

Which is exactly what the people who stay in Rockford want for the Forest City; for every family to have stability, security and safety.

Nobody wants that more than the Rockford Police Department, and it shows in this series of videos that were shared by the Adams family on Facebook.

I had the opportunity to correspond with Officer McNiece, the guy with the hat and sweet dance moves, and he explained what happened the night he met the Adams.  McNiece says,

So, my partner and I responded to a residence for a loud noise complaint. When we arrived at the residence we learned from Billy that his uncle just recently passed away. Billy told me that they were singing karaoke and celebrating his life. My partner, Officer Milne and I decided to celebrate with Billy and his family. I sang a few songs and Billy fed us some great fish. I returned the favor and few days later brought Billy and his wife some steak and hamburgers. Being a Police Officer means building a relationship with the community.

I followed up his response with a huge thank you. These guys put their life on the line every single day and rarely get the recognition they deserve. It's this kind of news the people or Rockford need and deserve to see when our city is facing so many hardships.

Their actions and interactions with this family reminded me of a quote I saw on a bar napkin of all places, "The world is changed by those out in it." I say, go out and be that change.

Lastly, Thank you to Billy and Shelly Adams for sharing this intimate moment in your lives with us; may your uncle rest in peace.

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