Apparently the phrase 'new year new me' isn't just something us normal people say. Beyonce hopped on the New Years resolution train and is pursuing a new diet plan. And as we know dieting is always easier if you do it with a friend so Beyonce wants you to join her. This week, the singer and sometimes-vegan shared her Greenprint commitment on social media: Eating plant-based meals for breakfast and participating in Meatless Mondays.

But that's not all, this diet clearly has Beyonce feeling like a goddess because she's giving one lucky dieter and a guest of their choice concert tickets for life if they join her diet plan. Delish details -

To help promote The Greenprint (a book written by her trainer) and a more plant-based lifestyle, Beyoncé is giving one lucky fan (and a guest of their choosing) free tickets to each one of her and/or Jay-Z's concerts for the next 30 years—just for going on The Greenprint Project site!  Truly, just click through and enter your pledge at the end, then your name and email. Options range from "All plants, all the time" to "Meatless Mondays" to "Plant-based at work," so no, you don't have to FULLY go vegan for the tickets.

For all of the details head here.

To enter in the contest and start Beyonce's diet program head here.

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