Did you know that America's Dairyland does not have an official dairy product? That may change very soon.

Like me, you probably thought that milk was Wisconsin's official dairy product. It turns out, according to wifr.com, that milk is just the official drink. The dairy cow even has a special distinction as the official domestic animal.

Come April 4, the state Assembly will take up a bill promoting cheese to become the official state dairy product.

Wisconsin May Be Getting it's First Official Dairy Product

And believe me when I tell you, Wisconsin produces more cheese than you could possibly imagine. The annual cheese production in Wisconsin is 11 billion pounds. That's the same weight as:

  • 2,750 Dairy Cows
  • 1,375 Cars
  • 423 African Bush Elephants
  • 500,000 Wisconsin supper club cod fish fry meals

No other dairy product is being considered at this time. All hail the CHEESE!

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