How is your agility? How quick are your feet? Are you a decent jumper? If worst comes to worst can you swim? These are important questions for a very unique job in Wisconsin.

I've seen videos about this job on Tiktok but would have never guessed it was happening so close to Rockford. I would guess this happens along the ocean, the Hamptons, or Martha's Vineyard or something, but it's a real thing in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

This is a seasonal job for which many high schoolers and college students show interest but only a handful make the cut.

Credit: The Resorter & Reel Life TV, Facebook
Credit: The Resorter & Reel Life TV, Facebook

It's called mail jumping and there are a lot of moving parts, literally. This has been happening for over a century.


  • Deliver the mail.
  • Narrate boat tours for tourists.
  • Don't get wet.

These kids who successfully make it through the audition process have a challenging job ahead of them. They have to take the mail from the boat they're on, jump to a dock, get the mail into a mailbox, and then land on the boat. Oh, and the boat is in constant motion and they have to serve as a guide for tourists on the boat. This is all happening at once.


This is not some minimum-wage gig, this is a decent-paying job. The mail is, of course, delivered through the US Postal Service. lists the average pay for a mail carrier in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin at just over $17 an hour.

Not a bad gig if you match Tom Cruise's action movie skills.

Check out how try-outs work.

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