February, we had such high hopes for you here in Rockford.

Too bad, our hopes have already been crushed, and we're only a few days into the month.

Ice rain? Carb carvings and there's nothing new on TV yet. Gross. Which one of these thoughts are you thinking today?

  1. Is that still snow? Wait it's ice? It's raining ice?
  2. Is there a chance Lino's will deliver me pizza and a bottle of wine?
  3. The IceHogs should play outside this weekend, that'd be cool.
  4. Maybe the ice rain will fall perfectly into my favorite pothole and then someone will drop some tar on it and then my pothole will be filled!
  5. Wait, did I just see the sun? Nope, that's just the lights from the Coronado.
  6. Yeah I totally want to go to that concert in Chicago, except then I have to get out of my pajamas I've been wearing for the last month and drive for 90 minutes in the freezing fog. I'll pass.
  7. What happened to our grass?'
  8. Today and the entire rest of this month calls for Sugar Jones. And we get an extra day this month.