In the market for a new home in Rockford? Then it might be time to look in some of the most unusual places and down some of the strangest streets you never even knew existed in Screw City.

Strange was the wrong word; try silly.

According to a study done by high school students, yes, high school students, house prices on streets with silly names are much lower than those with traditional names.

How much lower? About 20%.

With that in mind, if you're comfortable living on a street that's named Butt, Pleasure Town Road or Psycho Path, get ready to save some major coin that you can put towards some remodeling. Sidebar: this explains why my rent was so cheap when I lived on Quamoclit Street. Let's just say ordering pizza for delivery was never a fun task.

Anyway, if you are looking to buy a new home in Rockford, try looking on these streets first.

Alfalfa Drive
Chokecherry Drive
Currytail Close
Ili Kai Court
Peoples Ave
Score Street
Sockness Drive
Sundae Drive
Whip Poor Will Drive

Those were the silliest I could find. What other silly street names are there in Rockford?

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