Discover the magic of Chicagohenge in person on March 19th! This natural phenomenon, where the sun perfectly aligns with Chicago's street grid, is a must-see experience capturing the essence of the city's beauty and charm.

Chicago Tourist Attractions

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I do like to visit some cool sights around Chicago, but more like Pequod's Pizza, not The Bean.

I don't mind spending a day at a museum but I really enjoy being outside much more.

Concerts, sure. Cubs games. 100%. You'll definitely find me at Brookfield Zoo this year. It's been a minute since the last time and this year is their 90th anniversary. They even put up a 130-foot Ferris wheel for the celebration.

Grahm S. Jones, Brookfield Zoo Facebook
Grahm S. Jones, Brookfield Zoo Facebook

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This natural phenomenon that's coming is an event I've always wanted to see in person. I've only seen photos and short videos, and they look beautiful. If you've been to this event before, I'll beat nothing beats seeing it in person.

The spring and autumn equinoxes have never looked so AMAZING. The spring equinox takes place on March 19th and that's when the event locals call, Chicagohenge, happens.


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On Tuesday, March 19, the sun aligns perfectly with Chicago’s east and west corridor street grid.

If you go to any east/west-facing street corridor between Kinkie and Madison, you should be able to get a good view.


Best Place to View Chicagohenge

BestDateFood on IG shared where we should go to get the best view for photos and videos.


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The intersection of Washington Street and Michigan Ave along Millennium Park is the best place to view Chicagohenge.

As I mentioned earlier, I've never been, so these other tips were good to know.

  • March 19th 'should' (weather permitting) be the best day to catch Chicagohenge, but locals say it can also be seen on the surrounding days.
  • Sunset on March 19 is at 7:02 p.m.

This is just beautiful!

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More stunning photos on IG here.

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