Rockford, congratulations, you have officially made it. On the hierarchy of "you know you've made it when...", the Forest City is ranked right up there with the likes of celebrities that have been parodied and spoofed on The Simpsons, South Park and Saturday Night Live; all thanks to our local news affiliate WIFR.

Last week, on the Steve Shannon Show, we shared Eric O'Brien's story about Girl Scout 'cookie debt.' In case you missed it, the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois is missing $20,000; presumably "stolen" from Girl Scout parents. 'Cookie Debt' is kind of like credit card debt; moms and dads get the cookies, but never turn in the money they get from selling them or pay for the boxes they may have kept for themselves.

Now I'm not sure how this story landed on Larry Wilmore's desk but his 'cookie debt' spoof on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is pretty funny.

And kudos to WIFR's Whitney Martin, she's killing it this week with her appearance on WGN and now Comedy Central. #RockfordProud