Get ready for the Rockford Motel to turn into a strangely beautiful and interesting art show, where each room will become part of the exhibit.

On Friday, June 29th from 6-10 p.m., the Come & Go Motel Art Show opens inside the Rockford Motel at 3851 11th St. According to the event's Facebook page, here's what you can expect:

Be inspired to buy as the prices of the art will change hourly! Listen to true sleazy motel stories from around the world with writer Steve Silver. Come hang out with the Rockford Rage derby girls as they shake it to the music with John Rawfunk! Then rock your socks off with Glitter! Tube tops and cut offs are encouraged! Kiddie pools! Lawn chairs!

Unique Art Show To Be Held In Several Rooms Of Rockford Motel For One Night
Artypants/Come & Go Motel Art Show via Facebook

From the description alone, I know we'll find some very one-of-a-kind art pieces to purchase. I'm not really a 'cut offs' kind of guy, but I am an art fan and I can't wait to see this show. Plus there will be food trucks on hand and drinks provided by Prairie St. Brewhouse.

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