Let's celebrate this tequila-filled day in Rockford!

National Margarita Day is always February 22, but it's usually cold and snowy. Not today, nope, not at all.

We are so lucky in Rockford that this year, National Margarita Day happens to be on one of the warmest February days in Rockford history.

But enough about the weather.

Here are the best ways to celebrate National Margarita Day in Rockford.

*Kick off your day with a Corona Margarita at Dos Reales, less than $10 and you are in for a 16 oz combo of Corona and margarita.

*Next up... a stop at Lucha Cantina, where not only can you get a bunch of delicious margaritas... you can actually give to charity while you're there.

Lucha Cantina Rockford
Lucha Cantina Rockford

*Then, get an Uber... and go over to Fiesta Cancun, where you and your friends can order a 46 oz Strawberry Monster Margarita, and food. You should probably get some food.

*Finally, make a stop at Meijer for an entire box of limes, squeeze your own lime juice and make one of these authentic margaritas.

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