A very grateful Illinois mom shares the loving story of her daughter's preschool teacher helping her non-speaking daughter flourish in the classroom.

Congratulations to 97ZOK's Teacher of the Week

Ms. Jenna Evett from Nashold Early Childhood Center in Rockford, Illinois

Teacher of the Week-Jenna Evett from Nashold Early Childhood Center

Jenna was nominated for this honor by one very happy mother, Heather Gunnell, she writes:

Ms. Jenna has been my daughter, Ivy's, teacher since she started preschool back in 2020. My daughter has a speech delay and started preschool non-speaking. Ms. Jenna stepped up to the challenge of working with a young child who could not communicate her needs, and she did so in the midst of a pandemic and occasional Zoom preschool (you haven't seen chaos until you've seen 3- & 4-year-olds on Zoom). Ms. Jenna has always found ways to be sure that my daughter could participate alongside her classmates. Now in her third year of preschool, Ivy talks constantly and Ms. Jenna tells me all about how well she's doing at school and how much she loves answering questions during circle time. I remember Ms. Jenna telling me that the first time Ivy said Jenna's name, she cried. All of the staff at Nashold have been wonderful, but I really appreciate the effort that Ms. Jenna has always put in to find the best way to work with my daughter and help her have the best school experience. I know that my girl is not always the easiest child to work with, but Ms. Jenna has always been wonderful about communicating with me and collaborating to find the most effective solution to whatever new issue has come up. I was as nervous about Ivy starting preschool as a non-speaking child and even more so about doing so with Covid all around, but I am so, so glad that she was placed in Ms. Jenna's classroom.

Teacher of the Week-Jenna Evett from Nashold Early Childhood Center

As Teacher of the Week, Jenna was surprised with a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a gift card to WM Day Spa Salon.

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