If you've ever been around a cat - you know they can be very lovey dovey, or very ... get away from me.

So when it comes to shelter cats, that can be an issue. Because at an animal shelter you want every animal to show off their best selves when people come to see what animals are available to adopt. For cats, this can be hard. They aren't as outgoing, or loving as they might be once they get home. But for some cats, they might just not be house cats.

That's why some cats are barn cats! They are free to roam, hunt, go inside and out as they choose. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary recognizes that not every cat they have available for adoption wants to become a house cat. So they put out this awesome call to the community asking if any barns are in need of barn cats.

How amazing is that? It's so true, some cats just aren't meant to be at home with a family. They are meant to be in the barns all around The Stateline.

Barn cats are super beneficial to barns. They help control mice and keep the other barn cats company. So if you have a barn, or know somebody who has a barn that could use barn cats, now is the time to reach out to Noah's Ark. Not every cat they have is available to be adopted to be a barn cat, but it's a great step in the right direction of making sure every animal gets adopted into a space that fits them.

See all the animals they have available on their website.


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