Congratulations to our newest Teacher Of The Week, Mrs. Hampl from Welsh Elementary School in Rockford.

As Teacher Of The Week, Mrs. Hampl received an enormous bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful arrangement from Broadway Florist. Mrs. hamper was nominated by Natholee Ward, the parent of one of her students. Natholee writes:

Mrs. Hampl should be teacher of the week because she goes above and beyond for her students.  Not only is she dedicated to pushing the kids to be the best that they can be she also shows them love and concern outside of the classroom. She goes out of her way and arrive to school early to make sure that the students that eats breakfast at school is there on time and receive a good breakfast.

She communicate with the parents after hours and on the weekend via Dojo to make sure that they are ok. Mrs. Hampl is not only a great teacher but a great person. She takes the time to work extra with the students that needs the extra attention. She went out of her way to throw her student a ice cream party a couple of weeks after their big test. The party was not because they all got good scores she just took it upon herself to do it because they worked so hard and tried their best.

If she plans to take a day off she contacts all of the parents to make us aware of her absence. My daughter loves to wake up and go to school every day just to see Mrs Hampl.

Long story short Mrs. Hampl is a great teacher and I feel that the world should know because they could learn from her on how to be a well-rounded and loving educator.

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