Taking on the role of "teacher" for your family during this pandemic is such an incredible act. Taking on that role for your family AND your best friend's family? Sounds like something out of a movie. But it's actually happening right here in Rockford.

Our new Teacher of The Week is a rockstar. Congratulations to Amanda Rambow from Rockford! Amanda was nominated by her best friend Jacquelyn and the nomination letter reads -

I’ve been best friends with Amanda for 18 years. She came to our school in the 6th grade and other kids were picking on her. I didn’t put up with that at all! So I stuck up for her and made everyone apologize to her on the playground. We have been besties ever since then.  She has the biggest heart and just wants everyone to be happy and healthy. When school started up again I didn’t want to send my twins back. Knowing them they would not have kept their masks on, and would want to run and hug their friends. So my best friend Amanda said she is also doing remote learning with her kids too. She offered to take on TWO MORE KIDS..... 4 year old twin boys at that. I call them my TWINADOS. I asked her at least 10 times “are you positive you want/can do this?” And with no hesitation at all she said “absolutely!! If the shoe was on the other foot I know you would do the same for me”

The boys have been at her house and are thriving! I honestly don’t think they have done this well before. She is able to balance her kid’s eLearning, my kid’s eLearning, her 6 month of son, and all of the daily housework. This girl is just absolutely amazing and really deserves to be the teacher of the week.

Amanda sent us some photos of her home school set up and it made the letter that much better.



Congrats again Amanda!

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